What is Cpanel? Complete tutorial (Urdu/Hindi Video)

What is Cpanel? Complete tutorial (Urdu/Hindi Video)

What is Cpanel? Complete tutorial (Urdu/Hindi Video)

What is cpanel?

Cpanel is the control panel of your website. It is the easy way to control your website and web hosting. Cpanel has many important features, which a webmaster must know that how they work?
In this cpanel tutorial, we will discuss almost all the main features of cpanel and describe in a very easy way, that you can easily understand them and learn how you can use them for the management of your website.


In this menu, you can get some initial things like Get start video and Change your password. There is not any serious thing in this menu. You can change your cpanel password here, which is given to you from the hosting company and also you can change your change your style of the cpanel and the language if it is required.


In this menu, you can manage your email accounts. First, there is an option to make your account with the prefix of your domain name, like admin@yourdomain.com. You can make as many accounts as you want. It is up to your hosting company limits. The next option in this menu is Webmail. In this option you can check your email, and send to others. There is an option of Forwarders. It means that you can forward your emails to any other account if you want. Like if want to send your emails to any other of your account like Gmail or yahoo id, then you can use this option. And if you want to set any auto message to your email sender, then you can use the Auto responder feature. In this feature, you can set any auto message, and whenever, anyone sends you an email, then it will send them an auto response message like thank you, or wait for the reply.

SEO and Marketing Tools.

In this menu, you can find out many helpful features to control your website SEO campaign. You can also use some other tools beside this menu, but it will show some basic tools and things which you can apply at the start and after that you can use some other things personally.


In my point of view, this is the most important menu of the cpanel. In this menu, you can handle your website files and place them where ever you want. The first option of this menu is Backup. This feature is very useful. If your web site has any issue or your website hosting company lost his data by any issue, then you can lose your all data too. So there is a need to have a backup of your whole website. In this regard, you can use this tool. It will create your website backup file; you give, you an option to where ever you can save that. After that, there is an option to upload this backup file too.

The next feature of this menu is File Manager. In this feature you can manage your whole website files. It will show you your whole website files, so you have to option to place them where you want. If you want to upload any file on your website, then you can use this option too.

The next feature is the Disk Space Usage. In this feature you can use the limit of your usage of the disk space, that’s how much you used your storage limit if your hosting package is limited. As much data which you upload on your website, has consumed the disk space on your web hosting. So, if your hosting package has unlimited disk storage, then you did not worry much about for this.

Next feature is FTP accounts. FTP is the abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. You have to use these accounts to upload the files on your website. So you can manage these accounts through this option.


In this menu, you can create sub domains and add a new domain with your hosting. If you want to create any sub domain, you can click on the sub domain option, then you have to put your sub domain in the sub domain box and click on create, it’s done. And if you want to add any other domain with your web hosting, then you can click on add on domain, and put in the required information.


If you are going to work on databases, then you can use this menu. In this menu, you can create your own database and use it. We will further discuss in detail the databases, when we are going to install Word Press through an FTP program.

Apps Installer.

Next important and useful menu is apps installer. Here you can install your favorite program with the help of just one click. I used it many times, and in our cpanel video tutorial, we check it out, that how can we install Word Press on your web hosting with the help of this option.


On your left side, you can see the column with the name of Stats. Its tell you some important stats about your website. In the first row, it tells about your main domain. If you are using more than one domain on your web hosting, then it shows you the main domain of your web hosting here. In next row, you can see your home directory. Next line has the information about your last IP address, from where you are login to your cpanel account. Some important stats which you have to notice, are, Disk space usage and monthly bandwidth. Disk space usage means, how much data you have uploaded on your website. If you have an unlimited disk space usage, as you can see in the snapshot, that I have an unlimited disk space usage from my web hosting service, then you have not so much worry about your disk space, but if you have any limited web hosting package, then you must follow this stat regularly.

And bandwidth means that how much your website users use your website monthly. Means how much data they download or upload on your website on monthly bases. Again, if you have limited bandwidth, then you have to notice this too regularly. Otherwise, your website won’t show for the remaining days of the month, if your website uses its monthly bandwidth. So, if your limited disk space and monthly bandwidth, then in this case, these stats are so much important for you guys.


This is our third continuous lecture of Word Press video training. In this lecture, we will discuss about the cpanel in detail. That’s what cpanel is and what are the menu and features it has. So check it out, and tell us about your questions and suggestions.

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