How to find Royalty Free Images for my Blog Post?

How to find Royalty Free Images for my Blog Post?

How to find Royalty Free Images for my Blog Post?

The Visual Content has much attraction to the readers than the plain text. Not only attract your website visitors, but also improve your ranking in the SEPRs. That’s why, all top bloggers will give images so much importance in their blog post.

But, there is one solid fact is that, to include royalty images in your post is not easy for you, if you are not having so many budgets. Because sometimes, it becomes expensive to pay for designers, for the images you can use.

After introducing the Google Algorithms, it’s not been a good thing to use copyrighted images or the images which you don’t about their permission. Sooner or later, their use may hurt your ranking by the Google. Google has a very strict policy against the use of the copyright data (or in a plain text form or in a visual content form).

There is one truth, which I want to share you guys i.e., I was also using these type of images in the past. Just go to Google images and download which comes on the first page and use it. But, at that time I also have a practice to modify it a little bit on the Photoshop. But I just leave this practice because of the Google Policy.

So, the big question is How to find royalty free images?

We have tried out to find out the answer of this question. In this article, we have compiled some of the best royalty free images website. Where you have got free photo stock and use them freely for your WordPress blog posts.

Free Images:

Free images is one the best source of free royalty images. This website has lots of user, from all over the World. Almost nearly 6 million plus user join this free image source. So, you can judge its credibility from these figures.

It has a HUGE collection of free royalty images and photos.

You can find out more than 3 million free images on this network. And that’s figure makes this website on top of the list.


As we mentioned earlier, that use of images and photos in your blog post without the permission may be harmful for your website ranking. But when you come to the Photo Pin, then you can use some the premium photos and images without any worry. Because, this site will give you Creative Commons licensing, that’s why you are permitted to use these beautiful images free, wherever you want.

This site has a very vast collection of free royalty images. That’s why this tool has a great value amongst the web designer and the bloggers.

You can freely download the images and photos from this site and the attribute link is already there. You can insert this link into your post to attribute the image.

(Note: Some of the sites will show the attribution by the owners of the images to use it. So it is necessary to understand the Creative Commons licenses. Sometimes, you are asked you to link back to the owner as you are allowed to use some of the unique images and photos that make your WordPress content amazing. )

Wikimedia Commons:

If you are visiting the first time Wikimedia Commons, then you can easily become the fan of it. Because, there are many reasons of it.

It has a lot of free royalty images and user has all rights to use them free in its WordPress blog post.

You can search millions of free images and photos through a search box. It also has categories of many types, which is also helpful to find out the images of your taste.

Most of the content on the Wikimedia Commons is free to use. But some of the images are required the attribution. So it is necessary to check out the creative common license of the images before its use.

Free Stock Photos:

Free Stock Photos has huge royalty free images and photo galleries of more than 1 million. The user has completely free to use these images. It’s up to you where you are using these images; even you can use these images commercially.

You have to do just one thing to be asked to use this unlimited source of free images i.e., registered on this site.

After verifying your email address, you can search out your required image and use it on your WordPress blog post freely.

Free Stock Photos has a huge collection of HD results. So you can enjoy some of good quality images on this tool.


If you ask me about one of the best sources of free royalty image which I like, then I named the Pixabay.

It has a very nice and easy to use interface. No matter, you are coming first on this website. You can easily find out your required images and download it freely without any registration and attribution.

Pixabay is not having as much huge collection of images and photos as some of others website. But you can find High quality free images which definitely meet your required.

This tool has lots of categories. You can search your required image through the search box or with the help of categories too.


These some of the best sources of reliable free royalty images network that you can use for your blog posts. In upcoming years, there is no doubt visual content create a great difference in web page ranking. So it’s the best time to kick yourself and make your content unique and beautiful with these free images.

Make sure, your content is 100% original and attributed with the permission. So always use free stock images sites with the permission policy.

You are welcome to share your experience of using free royalty images and their results.

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