The Science of Posting on Social Media.

The Science of Posting on Social Media.

The Science of Posting on Social Media.

In this article we will discuss about the science of posting of Social Media and try to find out the answer when to post on social media networks. In every aspect of life, timing is the key factor. Knowing about the exact time is the main point of your success. To apply this rule in posting our posts on main Social Media networks, we will attract most of the audience. We will check out, how we get a maximum exposure of different social network by sharing our posts.

We have been sharing with the case study of experts on different social media networks during the period of 2014.  We have arranged this report for you guys to get maximum advantages through your social campaign.


No doubt Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks of our world. It has more than 2.28 billion active users from all over the world. To be successful in your online business, you must have to be successful in using Facebook. Normally we just go on Facebook and share our post to our friends and followers. Didn’t understood about the science of the Facebook, we are using Facebook for our business. But by using it according to the exact way, we will increase the chance to be successful in the online world.

Expert suggests that if you don’t share the exact number of posts on Facebook then you can never get the higher rate of attention to your followers. The exact number of posting is 2 times per day. Less than that will lose the chances of the connection with your followers, and more than that will cause crossing the limit.


Twitter is amazing sharing tool for the webmasters. You can get the maximum advantage from the twitter by tweeting on the right time and at a right amount of your tweets. Amount means the number of your tweets which you post on twitter. It is studied that more than 3 tweets a day will reduce the chances of the engagements of your audience. So it is necessary to post your tweets not more than a 3 times a day.

Google +

According to the expert, continuous posting on Google+ in a right will give you a maximum exposure. Google+ is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but if you are a webmaster, then it will really help you out of getting ranked high in the search engines. So you must good attention to the Google+ and share your post on a right time and at a right amount.


Pinterest is one of the fast growing social media networks. According to the webmasters point of view, it is a very important social plate form to share your online thoughts.

One of the key points to be successful on Pinterest is the size of your pin. One of the case study shows that the longer pins have a great chance to attract more people than the short ones.

Blog Post.

One of the case study shows that the companies who have blogged at least two times a week has double their chances of connecting with their customer as compared to the companies who have blogged less than a week.

It is necessary for your business to maintain the connection, you must have blogged on a regular basis. Consistent work will have a very positive impact on your readers.


Right timing will improve the chances of your success. So you can achieve your goal with this minimum effort by just sharing your posts on the exact time. Once you have practice of it, then it will flourish you for a very long time. Just tell me about your thoughts and experience about this post, by commenting in the comment section.

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