5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO is one of the authentic and free sources of getting organic website traffic. That’s why every webmaster has taken his SEO campaign, according to his plan. By the passage of time, the changes come in SEO strategy is very quickly. That’s why there is been a clear chance to make a mistake in optimizing your web pages. One of the bad things about these mistakes is that they have a severe effect on your search engine ranking, while the good thing is that you can reverse these mistakes.

I am going to tell you guys about 5 harsh and severe mistakes, which will disturb your website ranking very badly. So keep in view of them, and if you have been one or more of them, then not to worry. I am trying to tell you how you can solve these mistakes.

  1. Domain Name

SEO campaign is just starting when you choose the name of your website. So it is very critical to choose your website name, because it is the first step of the ladder of your search engine ranking. So keep sure you have to spend a specific time and thought to choose it. You must try to include your primary keyword in your domain name. To take the best results, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to take a view on the best primary keyword.  It is also recommended to take the purchased domain name instead of using the free domain service.

  1. Uses of Keywords

Keywords are very important ingredients to help you rank better in the search engine results. But it is also important to know how you can use the keywords in your websites post. If you spam your website post with the flood of the keywords, then you must be ready to ban from the Google sooner or later. So it is very keen that how much amount of keywords you can use on a single page. It is recommended to use 2% or 3% of keywords you can use in a single post. More than that is counted as a spam and its effects on your search engine rankings very badly.

  1. Content is King

You heard this phrase many times. To make possible to rank your website on the first page, this phrase helps you a lot. Quality content is the key ingredients of your website which will ride your website traffic on the rocket. Besides that, if you have a bad and useless content on your website, then nobody can save you by the Search Engine’s plenty. There is one thing which you have to emphasis is to create quality and useful content.

  1. Speed of Loading

In modern SEO, speed of your website is the key factor of your search engine ranking. Google (and users also) don’t like the sites how takes enough time to load. Research shows that if your website loses the time 1 sec in loading, then you have lost your half of the website traffic. While the ideal time to load of your website is almost 3secs. So you must take the measures to speed up your websites to take good ranking in the search engine results. To increase your loading time, try to avoid flash contents on your website.

  1. Uses of Title tag

More than 50% of website have searched just like the title of your post and then click if it is impressive. The headline of the title will cause in the increase of the website traffic if it is catchable and attractive. Your title of the post must be short and sweet. Lengthy headlines will automatically shorten by the search engines with results, which will definitely decrease in your website traffic. So the length of the post title will be critical in your website ranking.

Final Words:-

Your website is totally relay on your hard work. To avoid SEO mistakes, you must always update-to-date in concern of the SEO. It’s not always easy to make your website completely SEO friendly, but you can take this position by just overcome to your SEO mistakes.

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