How to speed up your website?

How to speed up your website?

How to speed up your website?

Web site speed is the most important thing in being successful in your blogging carrier. Because without it you didn’t get the maximum number of your target website traffic. With the high loading time, you can lose a huge number of your visitors. Because everyone likes the website how load quickly. Google also doesn’t like those websites how takes a high time in loading. One of the survey prove that, Google shows that website on its first page, how takes your website page load time round about 0.4 to 0.9 seconds in loading. So, it’s become so necessary your website that if you want to take a seat on the first page of Google, then you have to take all necessary steps to decrease the load time of your website.

It is quite clear that everyone wants to load up its website in a minimum time. But the question is that, how can you make your website faster in loading. In this post, I am not going to tell you guys the number of ways to make your website faster. I just tell you 2 easy and useful methods, by which you can make your WordPress website quite faster in your loading time.

Ideal Page Load Time.

The ideal Page load time for your page is 3 seconds. It could be asked, if your website didn’t load in ideal time, then what will be the lose you have to face? The answer is shown in the picture below. And you could easily examine that just 1 second later at loading time of your page, how much you lose in the future. This little delay in loading will cause a major penalty of your online business.

Website Speed Test.

Before going to do anything, first you have to check your website speed. For this, there is a very useful tool known as Google Page Insight, for checking the load time of your website which is offered by the Google Developers. It is totally free to use. You have to just put your website URL in the box and it will show your website page load time score. It will show the load time in two mediums. One is the desktop and other is mobile. So you can check out the load time of your website on these both medium, i.e., how much website takes time on desktop users and on mobile users.


In April 2015, Google announced that it will show prefer that website on its first page that is mobile friendly. So, it’s become so essential for the webmaster to make their website mobile friendly.

Below I will tell you about two very helpful plugins for WordPress users, by which they can easily control their website page load time.

WP Smush.

One of the main reasons to cause in loading your website page time is your pages images. No doubt, images play an important role in your SEO campaign. More than 50% searches are found out, with the help of images. So it’s so necessary to use helpful images in your posts. But the main thing which really disturbs the webmasters is their size. It is not in your hand to control their size.

WP Smush is an amazing plugin which helps you to reduce your all images which you uses in your pages. It will collect all the hidden information about the images which you have and reduce their sizes in a bulk without losing their quality so much. It will decrease the load time of your website in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Heavy images have really a bad impact in loading your website. WP Smush has worked on all the images which you have uploaded or already have in your media library. It scans them and reduce all the unnecessary things.


This is also a very useful and helpful for the WordPress users. It will optimize your website pages automatically. You will do it without having a knowledge of CSS, Javascript and Html. Sometimes, if these scripts are not completely optimize then they cause a delay in loading your website. So, it is necessary to optimize these scripts to decrease the loading time of your pages.

In this case, this plugin will really help you out. It will concentrate all these types of scripts which cause the delay in loading time, and compress them. This will make your page a very light weight.

Important Note:-

It is necessary to use just helpful and required plugins. To use excessive plugins will cause the delay in loading time of your page. Your home page is the doorstep of your home. So you must take necessary step to load it as quickly as possible. Do not use so many widgets and images on your home page. Simple and professional look will definitely increase the traffic your website.

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